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Water New Connection ApplicationTermination of Utilities Account

Please print this form, fill it out and bring it to the City office building.

*If a New Connect please bring your closing papers with you when you turn in the form.

Basic Water Fees

Effective 07/01/2023


$30.40 – For the first 10,000 gallons

$0.14 – 10,000-30,000 gallons (per 100 gallons)

$0.16 – Over 30,000 gallons (Per 100 gallons)


$29.75 – Per month, per unit (Residential)

$29.35 – Per month, per unit (Commercial)

$0.22 – Over 10,000 gallons (Per 100 gallons)

Dispatch Fee

$2.00 – per unit.


$83.86 – Total Monthly flat rate (Residential)

Message to Residents: 
The Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District is moving to a mandatory district-wide recycling program for all of Davis and Morgan counties. The District will assist cities with an educational movement and best practices for recycling. The goal for the District is they hope to prolong the life of the Davis Landfill for another 18 years by increasing the percentage of waste diverted to recycling facilities or compost-processing locations.
Click here for information from the District.

“When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do.”

Recyclables list click here.

For a printable version click here.


$34.65 – For the first 10,000 gallons

$0.16 – 10,000-30,000 gallons (per 100 gallons)

$0.18 – Over 30,000 gallons (Per 100 gallons)

Storm Water

$3.90 – One ESU per 2,200 sq. ft. of impervious surface area adjusted within the following parameters. Overall max adjustments shall be no grater than 55%


$17.81 – Per month, 1 can.

EXTRA GARBAGE CANS: The City will deliver and pick up all extra garbage cans and green waste cans. ALL CANS MUST BE KEPT AT LEAST 6 MONTHS.

Extra Garbage Can & Green Waste Can Sign Up & Delivery – $10

Monthly Extra Can Fee (Residentail) – $15.71

Monthly Extra Can Fee (Commercial) – $16.46

Return of Can & Sanitation Fee – $9.00

Curbside Recycling (blue can) – $5.51

Green Waste (green can) – $7.72 Services run from April 1st – November 30th.

New Connect – $30.00

Shut Off Fee – $25.00

Late Fee – (effective 10th of each month) – $10.00

Non-Emergency Water Disconnect & Turn On – $25.00


New Garbage Hauler: Ace Recycling and Disposal

Effective July 2023 Ace Recycling and Disposal will pick up for the first time in Sunset as the new solid waste, green waste and recycling hauler. Ace’s priority is to provide safe, reliable service to all of their customers. Their customer service phone number is 800-724-9995. Trash collection will remain on Wednesday’s, recycling will be bi-weekly and green waste will be on a weekly basis from April – November. For special assistance for those who cannot physically place their can on the curb please notify the City office at 801-825-1628. Garbage rate increases will be seen on August’s bill – 1st can increased $2.24, 2nd can increased $1.76, Recycling increased $0.61 and Green yard waste increased $0.77.

Temporary Water

$250.00 – Connection fee. Good for 30 days (Must sign rental agreement)

$0.18 – Per 100 Gallons.

Connection Fees

$400.00 – Water Connection.

$400.00 – Sewer Connection.

$250.00 – Storm Water Connection.

$30.00 – Construction Water.

$30.00 – Temporary Construction Water. Meter rental. +$0.18 per 100 gallons water usage.

$1000.00 – Meter Replacement Cost (Lost or Damaged).

Meter Box & Cover

$250.00 – 5/8 Touch Read Meter (Larger meters determined by Public Works).

$100.00 – Meter Box.

$90.00 – Double Check Setter.

$40.00 – Adaptor.

$60.00 – Cover.

$540.00 – Total.

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