Building Permits

Permit Needed

  • All new construction (Commercial and private)
    • Houses
    • Garages/carports
    • Sheds over 200 square feet
    • Fences (No taller than 6 feet)
  • All remodel construction (Commercial and private)
    • Carport enclosures
    • Decks higher than 6″ re-roof and off the ground
    • Roof pitch changes
    • Electrical and plumbing work
    • Swimming pools over 24″ deep
    • Commercial signs
    • Water heater, furnace, A/C or electrical meter upgrade.

Permit NOT Needed

  • Painting
  • Wallpapering
  • Carpeting
  • Siding
  • Replacement windows
  • Other cosmetic changes
Not sure if you need a permit or not? Call the city office to double check at 801-614-9102. Better safe than sorry!

Obtaining A Permit

Obtain A Permit Online

Login or create an account using the link below (complete form & download plans):

All fees will be determined on the square footage and valuation of the job. The plans will be given to the Building Official and possibly the Fire Chief for plan review. The permit will be issued after their reviews. Call 801-614-9103 (24 hours in advance) to schedule the required inspections.

Obtain A Permit In Person


Bring 2 sets of building plans and a site plan (just the building plans if the job is a remodel) to the City Offices. You will be given a building permit to fill out.


Bring 3 sets of the building plans (stamped by a Utah State Engineer) and a site plan (just the stamped building plans if the job is a remodel) to the City Offices. You will be given a building permit to fill out.

Depending on the desired use of the building, the builder may have to appear before the Planning Commission and City Council for a conditional use permit.

Permit Fees

Development Fees/Building Permits

Permit Fee:

Based on the fee schedule found in appendix L in the International Residential Code. ($24.00 permits only include one (1) inspection) ($47.00 per hour, 1/2 hour minimum charge, each additional inspection)

Plan Check Fees:
  • All Commercial – 65% of the Building Permit Fee
  • Residential New Construction – 65% of building permit fee
  • Residential Remodel & Accessory Building – 40% of building permit fee
  • Re-Plan Check Fee – $50.00, unless stated otherwise by the Building Official
State Surcharge:

1% of the permit fee

Impact Fees

Culinary Water Impact Fee: $2,690.00 per ERC

North Davis Sewer Impact Fee: As set by the North Davis Sewer District

North Davis Fire Impact Fee: As set by the North Davis Fire District

Other Permits

Excavation Permit

$100.00 permit fee plus a refundable bond as set by Public Works and held for one (1) year (minimum $500)

Fence Permit

$10.00 (Fences 6′ and under) (Fee waived for replacement due to acts of nature)

Sprinkling System

$25.00 plus 1% State Surcharge Fee

Water Heater, Furnace, A/C or Electrical Meter Upgrade

$50.00 plus 1% State Surcharge Fee

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWIPPP)
  • Single Lot Review: $50.00
  • Multi Lot, Large Commercial Lot, or Subdivision Development Review: $50.00 per acre ($50 minimum)
  • SWIPPP Inspections: $40.00
  • Estimated time of project multiplied monthly for duration of project.

Meet Our Building Official Tyler Seaman

Tyler studied construction management at Weber State University in 2006 and has been a Building Inspector since 2014. To contact Tyler directly please call 801-564-0897.