City Information

The town of Sunset is a small residential community that is located at the north end of Davis County between the Wasatch Mountain Range and the Great Salt Lake. It lies 25 miles north of Salt Lake City and 10 miles south of Ogden City. Hill Air Force Base, an Air Logistic Center, is directly east of the city and Weber County and Roy City on the north boundary. Clearfield and Clinton Cities are on the south and west boundaries. Interstate 15 and SR-126 run adjacent to the city with SR-26 being considered the City’s Main Street, on which Sunset’s primary commercial district is located. The rails of the Union Pacific Railroad separate Sunset and Clinton to the west.

The Sunset/Clinton area was originally used by the Mormon pioneers as a place to feed and graze animals during the cold winter months. It was first known as “Sandridge”, “The Range”, “The Basin” and the Summit.’ The first known permanent settlement was started in the 1800’s by the James Hill family. Their home and small farm was located in the area where the Old Sunset City Hall was located. Other early settlers were the Peter Terry, Chauncy Hadlock, Mark Elmer, James Burnett, Thomas Steel, James Mitchell and Durin Terry families. Most of these early settlers came west with the Mormon pioneers and some of their descendants can still be found living in the Davis County area today. The area was called Summit until approximately 1896 when it was changed to Clinton. In approximately 1916 several ladies living in the area were viewing the colorful sunset over the Great Salt Lake. They were so impressed with the beauty of the sun setting over the lake to the west, they decided to name the area where they resided “SUNSET”. Shortly after, this area of homes and farms separated from Clinton and became known as the community of Sunset. The little town became incorporated in 1935, resulting in a residential type community in the war years (1940’s), with homes being built as a result of the government development of the Ogden Arsenal and Hill Air Force Base directly east of the town area. Sunset stayed at about 600 residents until the 1960’s & 70’s when many additional homes and subdivisions were built, bringing the population to about 6,000 people. Because of it’s limited geographic size (1.9 miles by .6 miles) the city has become almost fully developed and has very little open land left for substantial residential development. Sunset’s home market is in demand and price average from a median prices to well over that.

The city government is managed by a Mayor and five Council Members. City services are provided by a full time Police Department that provides a twenty-four hour service, seven days a week.

The City Building houses the Mayor’s office, Recorder, Treasurer, Building Department and Planning & Zoning. Monthly water, sewer and garbage assessments are also collected there. Automated garbage service is provided to each resident with weekly pick-up. The Justice Court is also housed in the same location. An adequate Public Works Department keeps the City in good repair.

All information concerning Police, Fire, water, sewer and public services can be obtained at the City Building, or by calling 801-825-1628. A dedicated animal control program is provided by Davis County. Animal control regulations and licenses are available at the City Hall.

Sunset offers a variety of services within the City. It has one major food and drug center, along with a large business plaza offering a variety of shops and services.

There are convenient stores; garages, pizza parlors, a cabinet shop, a bicycle shop, a meat market, a banking center, dentists, insurance brokers, a motel, barber & beauty shops and various other businesses and services.

Sunset City has three Elementary schools and one Junior High School served by the Davis County School District. These schools also serve students from the cities of Clinton and South Weber. Northridge High School, located in North Layton serves all students graduating from Sunset Jr. High.

The City is well lit with many street lights in all areas of town. A complete storm drain system is installed which provides adequate water runoff. Snow removal and street cleaning is performed throughout the year as needed. As such, an ordinance for over-night street parking is in affect and should be adhered to.

The speed limit in the community is 25 MPH, the limit in school zones is 20 MPH, on several streets running east and west, the limit is 30 MPH, and it is 45 MPH on Main Street. The weather can be considered moderate, with four distinct seasons where the temperature can fluctuate between one hundred (100) degrees in the summer and zero (0) degrees in the winter. Summers are extremely dry, with snowy winters and foggy periods at times. Springs are wet and green and fall is colorful and mild.

Sunset citizens are progressive minded and are fully involved in family activities, including school functions, scout programs, recreation, church and civic affairs. A high standard of living is enjoyed in the American way. The crime rate is moderate to low with the Police actively monitoring happenings within the City.

4,560 feet

Average Household size – 2.92

Average Family size – 3.24

Median Age – 29.20 Years

Percent Under 5 Years – 10.3%

Percent Over 18 Years – 69.6%

Percent over 65 – 12.3%


Population – 5,204

Percent Male – 50.4%

Percent Female – 49.6%

Caucasian – 4,521

Hispanic – 547

Asian – 143

Black – 81

American/Native – 48