Sunset Room Rentals

Sunset has a beautiful room in the City Building that can be rented for events such as weddings, meetings, family gatherings and many other events. To inquire about renting the Sunset Room, please call Sunset City at 801-825-1628.

Click and drag the 360 image to view the Sunset Room.

Sunset Room Fee Schedule

Deposit: $250.00 plus the following:

4 Hour Blocks

$150.00 – Residents

$200.00 – Non-Residents and Businesses

$100.00 – Senior Rate (55 and older)


Full Day

$250.00 – Residents

$200.00 – Resident Senior Rate (age 55 and older)

$350.00 – Non-Residents and Businesses

*Sunset based organizations may be eligible for a discounted rate to be determined by the Sunset City Department Heads.

Terms And Conditions

  1. Security deposit is due at time of reservation to hold your date and payment for room rental must be made to the City a week BEFORE the event.
  2. The rental group will appoint a representative that will be responsible for renting arrangements, organization, and informing City Staff of specific needs for the rental, deposits, and payment of rental fees. They are also responsible for the conduct of the rental group at all times.
  3. If it is determined that the condition of any part of the facilty (including parking lot), furniture, or equipment has been damaged or is missing resulting from the activities from the rental group, the security deposit will not be returned in part or in whole and additional replacement/repair costs in excess of the security deposit may be billed back to the user group via the group representative. The amount of the deposit refunded to the user group will be at the sole discretion of City Staff and is not negotiable.
  4. No pets are permitted in the facility at any time (domestic-cats, dogs, etc.) unless for disabled people purposes or assistance.
  5. Beer, wine or liquor of any kind is NOT allowed in the Sunset Room, any other part of the Sunset City Hall or its property. Red beverages are also not allowed in the Sunset Room.
  6. The renter agrees to pay all costs and attorney fees made necessary to enforce lessor’s rights under the terms and conditions of this Agreement or to collect any part of the rental or service charge required to be collected by the lessor by suit or by attorney after it is past due.
  7. Unnecessary use of the elevator and first floor of the building is prohibite.
  8. The renter is responsible for the cleaning of the premises and to leave it in the same condition it was in when first occupied immediately following the function, unless other arrangements are made prior to the event. Cleaning materials will be provided by Sunset City to the renter for the purposes of cleaning the area (including the restrooms and common area), and will need to be returned.
  9. NO tape is allowed on the walls or ceiling and ceiling hangers must be approved before use.
  10. All decorations, equipment, food and beverages belonging to the user group shall be removed from the premises immediately following the function, unless other arrangements have been made with City Staff prior to the event.
  11. Water features must be self contained.

Facility Set-Up

Opening and closing of the Sunset Room will be completed by Sunset City.

Set up of tables and chairs will be completed by City Staff.

The user group is responsible to take down the tables and chairs.

All furniture in the room will be left where it sits.