Business Licenses

City Regulations

Unless exempted by state, federal or local law, it shall be unlawful for any person to engage in business within the City of Sunset, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, without first procuring a license.

It shall further be unlawful for any person to sell, or allow to be sold, two (2) or more vehicles, boats, motorcycles, trailers, mobile homes, camper shells or a combination of either within any twelve (12) month period without first procuring a business license from the City for allowing the sale of said vehicles.

To apply for a business license, pick up a packet from the City Offices. Provide all the information requested on the Business License Application and submit the application to the Business License Department. Attach a copy of your state license and DBA proof, if applicable. A building and fire inspection may be scheduled. After all inspections have been completed and the application has been approved by the Building Inspector and Fire Inspector, the application will be given to the Mayor for final approval. When approved the Mayor, the Business License will be issued.

State Regulations

All individuals and partnerships conducting business under an assumed name (DBA: “Doing Business As”) must register the business name with the Department of Commerce. The only business that does not have to register the DBA is a business licensed under the owner’s given name. If any other name is attached, the business name must be registered (ex: “Jane Doe” does not have to register. “Jane Doe’s Shop” has to register).

Specific types of occupations or professions are to be licensed by the state. For information on qualifications and applications contact the Utah State Tax Commission, 210 North 1950 West, SLC, Utah 84134, (801)297-2200 or (801)662-4335. (Web page

Commercial Businesses

Type of BusinessFirst TimeRenewal
Auto Repair$115.00$85.00
Convenience Store$352.00$322.00
Dance Hall$227.00$197.00
Eating Establishments$108.00$78.00
Grocery Store$1,485.00$1,455.00
Light Manufacture or Repair$91.00$61.00
Rental (Equipment, merchandise, etc.)$124.00$94.00
Retail Store$108.00$78.00
Specialty School$91.00$61.00

Home Occupation

First TimeRenewal
Annual Fire Inspection Required$85.00$55.00
No Annual Fire Inspection Required$0.00$0.00

Building Rental (Administration Fee $30.00) Plus:


Standard rental license: $192.00 per unit.

Better Landlord Program Participants: $25.00 per unit.


$5.00 per unit.

**Business license renewals are due by December 31st of each year.

(If a license is not renewed by January 15th, a penalty of 50% of the license fee will be added. If the license is not renewed by February 1st, a penalty of 75% of the license fee will be added. If the license is still not renewed by March 1st, a citation for engaging in business without a license will be issued and an additional $100 will be added to cover collection costs.)

Solicitor Registration (Per Person)

$55.00 (Renewal is 1 year from issue date)

Temporary: $50.00 + $1.00 per day (90 day consecutive limit per calendar year)

Fireworks: $350.00 (Plus $100.00 refundable bond for outdoor stands)

1 or 2 Day Special Event License:

  • Sponsor: $50.00
  • Each Vendor: $10.00

Beer License

  • Not consumed on premises (CLASS A): $200.00
  • Consumed on premises (CLASS B): $250.00
  • Draft consumed on premises (CLASS C): $300.00

**$5.00 fee for a duplicate business license**

**$10.00 admistrative fee for any changes made to an existing business license**


Current Businesses In Sunset City

NumberBusiness NameLocationTelephoneBusiness Activity
23Affordable Titles Loans2275 N. Main St. Sunset, UT 84015801-860-7793Title loans and selling repossessed cars
39Allied Waste Services of North America 798 W. 17th St Ogden UT 84404801-392-4950Solid waste removal
65Ally's Pizza Inc.258 W. 1800 N. Sunset UT 84015801-774-0077Pizza restaurant
16Al's Furniture2233 N. Main St Sunset UT 84015801-825-0988Furniture, mattresses
156Aluminum Shingle Company329 W 1300 N (Rear) Sunset UT 84015877-319-7999Manufacturing and distributing PermaLock shingles
117American Stone975 N Main St Sunset UT 84015801-774-8500Landscape stone sales
92Arandas Inc.2029 N Main St. #201 Sunset UT 84015801-771-2092Self defense training
119Arcadia Tables2465 N Main #12-D Sunset, UT 84015801-645-1501Refurbish pool tables
187Archies Barbershop Sunset2029 N Main St #102 Sunset UT 84015801-710-7212Men's grooming and haircuts
188Archies Academy School for Barbers2029 N Main St #201 Sunset UT 84015801-710-7122School for barbers and hair design
185Autism Solutions2649 N Main St Sunset UT 84015801-471-6361Autism therapy and schooling
213Auto Pro Motor1689 N Main St Sunset Ut 84015801-347-5781Small car dealership
97Azure Bridal2187 N Main St Sunset UT 84015801-776-9415Bridal and formal wear sales and rental
210Beauty Love229 W 1550 N Sunset UT 84015801-388-4021Cosmetologist/Barbering
75Bingham's Schwinn Cyclery Inc2317 N Main St Sunset UT 84015801-825-8632Bicycle and accessories sales
12Blown Away LLC2465 N Main St Sunset UT 84015801-776-6265Services
88Boxings Cradle of Champions2029 N Main St #201 Sunset UT 84015801-390-1648Teaching AM boxing
64Braithwaite Fine Arts and Custom Frame 461 W 1800 N Sunset UT 84015801-725-5436Fine art/custom framing
32CBR, Inc.104 W 2400 N Sunset UT 84015801-776-6265Auto repair
108Chapparro's Tamales325 W 1300 N Sunset UT 84015801-585-1111Preparing, and selling tamales
101Charlies Service Center1901 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-773-1193Auto and RV repair
204Aletha Child196 W 1550 N Sunset UT 84015801-645-7930Daycare
80Circle Inn2253 N Main Sunset, UT 84015801-825-6093Class C beer and Food sales
206Consuelo Cortes2655 N 275 W Sunset UT 84015702-540-2379Daycare
78Convenient Dental Care170 W 1800 N Sunset UT 84015801-773-1533Dentist
199Crabb's Diesel Repair332 W 2300 N Sunset UT 84015385-389-9837Diesel and Auto Repairs
192Crafts 2 You2441 N Main #6 Sunset UT 84015801-837-7033Make and take craft projects
109D'Tails Pet Grooming2465 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-825-1739Pet grooming
197Dakine Grindz2465 N Main St #11A Sunset UT 84015808-238-8829Filipino/Hawaiian Food
43Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company138 W 1300 N Sunset UT 84015801-774-6373Water distribution
44Eye Care for animals2465 N Main #5 Sunset Ut 84015801-728-9225Veterinary Ophthalmology
72Fuel, Air & Spark Technologies44 W 2400 N Sunset UT 84015801-773-6641Auto machine shop
21Golden Spike Insurance2609 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-773-1777Real-estate office
55Harders Hairport269 W 1260 N Sunset UT 84015801-791-7314Hair salon and tanning
153Insider Auto Sales336 W 1300 N Sunset UT 84015801-814-7848Wholesale/retail auto sales
113Jed Musgrave2421 N Main #1 Sunset UT 84015801-721-2669Insurance
14Jeremy K Heath2029 N Main #3 Sunset UT 84015801-825-6045Insurance
177Jones Subwoofer2465 N Main #24 Sunset UT 84015801-896-0936Installation of subwoofer
24Little Rascals Preschool & Daycare835 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-779-2273Preschool/daycare
70Magic Fingers Styling Salon285 W 1260 N Sunset UT 84067801-698-0779Beauty shop
176Maniac Vapor2465 N Main Suite 24 Sunset UT 84015801-710-2058Manufacturing and wholesale
135Maverick1843 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-936-5557Convenience store
132MB Auto & Performance2441 N Main #7 Sunset UT 84015801-960-9517Auto Repair
175Minifigure America2465 N Main #12C Sunset UT 84015801-875-2459Lego store
162MOD Taekwando309 W 1300 N Sunset, UT 84015801-776-0190Martial Arts training
22Mr Money2441 N Main #1 Sunset, UT 84015801-773-0909Cashing post dated checks
71O&M Hao Kwon Do Martial Arts2437 N Main #A Sunset UT 84015801-773-7707Teaching self defense
157Orange Blossom Café289 W 1260 N Sunset UT 84015801-389-0250Food storage prep for food truck
212Pearl Distribution273 W 1300 N Sunset UT 84015801-710-1968Wholesale distribution
81Pizzeria2247 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-825-4747Restaurant
205Piano Utah271 W 1269 N Sunset UT 84015801-888-2744Piano repair
195Poseidon Rods380 W 2250 N Sunset UT 84015385-414-5118Trucking for hire
107PSI Services2465 N Main #11C Sunset UT 84015818-247-2015Equipment and personnel
61Redbox2353 N Main Sunset UT 84015630-756-8112Automated kiosk for DVD rentals
154Rickys Towing2123 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-941-2701Towing
167RITES Utah LLC2465 N Main #2A Sunset UT 84015801-499-3882Disability Services
179Rusty Petals1691 N Main St Sunset UT 84015801-390-6497Vintage furniture
287-11 Store1771 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-825-3545Convenience store
166Secor Motors Inc1741 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-458-1095Used car sales
33Smiths2353 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-825-2279Grocery Store
120Sunset Auto Body2123 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-668-9976Towing/Impound/Repair
37Sunset Chiropractic2421 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-776-2800Chiropractic care
63Sunset Mini Mart273 W 1300 N Sunset UT 84015801-825-4331Convenience store
82Sunset Towing and Auto Repair1727 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-814-0606Towing repair and used auto sales
95Tanner Transmissions1883 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-825-9761Auto transmission
209The Color Loft265 W 1260 N Sunset UT 84015801-814-4573Hair salon
100The Hidden Sage1661 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-773-SAGEMartial Arts training
98TnT Copper2117 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-941-1368Copper fabrication
93Titans Doggy Daycare2029 N Main Bldg 2 Sunset UT 84015801-807-8291Dog boarding
67Top Hat Diner1147 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-475-5999TBA
180U-Haul1200 N Main St Sunset UT 84015801-773-8295Rental trucks
67US Bancorp2353 N Main Sunset UT 84015801-773-4694Financial institution
11Vapor Mania2465 N Main #7 Sunset UT 84015801-710-2058Electric cigarette sales
172VK Electric383 N 1300 N Sunset UT 84015801-430-6855Electrical wireless
168West Vet Utah2456 N Main Sunset UT 84015TBATBA