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What Clerks can and cannot do for you?
We Can:

  • Explain and answer questions about how the court works.
  • Give you general information about court rules, procedures and practices.
  • Give you information from your case file.

  • We Cannot:
  • Tell you whether or not you should bring your case to court.
  • Tell you what words to use in your court papers.
  • Tell you what to say in court.
  • Give you an opinion as to what will happen if you bring your case to court.
  • Talk to the Judge for you.
  • Let you talk to the Judge outside of court.
  • Change an order signed by the Judge

  • How to handle a citation:

    Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Citations

  • You must pay or appear on a citation within 14 calendar days from the date you received your citation
  • Citations that are not handled within 14 calendar days are subject to a $50 late appearance penalty

  • "Fix-It" Citations
  • Fix-it citations must be signed by the inspecting police officer and presented to the court within 14 calendar days after the issuance of the citation.
  • Upon the presentation of the signed fix-it citation the court may reduce the fine or dismiss the charge.

  • When can I come to court?
    Court Calendar

    Can I bring my children to court?

  • Young children are not allowed in the court.

  • Appearing in court:

    Things to know about appearing in court:

  • If you want to contest your citation, you must appear in court within 14 calendar days from the date you received your citation
  • Court is by appointment only, you will need to contact the court at 801-825-3303 to schedule a court date and time to appear.
  • You can either represent yourself or have your attorney present
  • Young children are not allowed in the courtroom

  • Subsequent Court Appearances
  • You must appear on the date and time ordered by the court
  • Failure to appear as ordered may result in all or one of the following:
  • Bench warrant for your arrest
  • Suspension of your driver license
  • Additional court fees or costs

  • How much is my ticket?
    Fine and Bail Schedule

    Do you accept Credit Cards?

  • Yes we accept credit cards, either in person or via the internet. This electronic payments system charges a convenience fee to use this service. The convenience fee is automatically calculated and included in the total. This non-refundable convenience fee covers the costs of secure payment processing, servers, hosting, and accounting and does not benefit Sunset City, Utah or the Sunset Justice Court.

  • Warrants of Arrest
  • Clerks can only tell you about warrants that have been issued by the Sunset Justice Court
  • If you have a warrant for your arrest, you must appear in court and post the full bail
  • Failure to either appear in court or post the full bail may result in your arrest

  • What happens if you are arrested on a warrant?
  • If you are arrested on a warrant and post cash bail for release, you will need to contact the court to ensure that additional appearances are not required
  • If you have posted bail on a warrant and your appearance in court is required, if you fail to appear, a subsequent warrant for your arrest may be issued

  • How do I reinstate my license after a warrant has been issued?
  • Contact drivers license division to find out how to get your license back.