September 1, 2020

August 5, 2020

I would like to update the city in regards to some things that make me prouder to be Sunset.

  • Central Park: There is a new toy for the kids to play on. The trees have been trimmed and the dying ones were removed. There is also a new water feature next to the playground that has a cooling spray of water to play in. The Bowery roof have also been replaced with new ones.
  • South Park: The tennis court has been modified to include three pickle ball courts.
  • North Park: The skateboard park is being maintained well.
  • Police & Fire: Both agencies have been doing a great job during this difficult time we are in.
  • We have finished clearing or trimming the trees on the East side of Main Street.
  • Construction on 1300 North has been completed and the construction on 800 North is well on its way.

  • Please take care of yourselves during this pandemic.