September 17, 2019

September 11, 2019

Residents and businesses that received a certified letter from the Air Force are encouraged to return the enclosed postcard to request indoor air sampling. Hill Air Force Base began contacting homes and businesses near areas of groundwater contamination coming from the base to notify them that potentially harmful chemical vapors from the groundwater could be entering their homes or workplaces. Those in the affected areas received a certified letter from the Air Force explaining the issue and providing instructions on how to have the air inside the home or business tested. Tests will begin in October and go through March of 2020. If vapors are found above established action levels, the Air Force will take steps to prevent those vapors from entering the home or building. The drinking water has not been affected by the contamination.

As always, the testing is free, as are any future mitigation efforts. If you did not receive a certified letter, your home or business is not within an area of concern. Information about the program, including maps showing the areas eligible for sampling, is available at